1. and when they’ve used you
    and they’ve broken you
    and wasted all your money
    and cast your shell aside
    and when they’ve bought you
    and they’ve sold you
    and they’ve billed you for the pleasure
    and they’ve made your parents cry
    I will be here. Believe me.


  3. I went down to the sea
    Don’t care if you don’t believe me
    It spoke to me about my life
    It spoke with the voice of reason
    It told me to risk it all
    With the chance of nothing returned.


  4. Feels like I’m falling, but it passes in time
    Into a better day

  5. Tagged #NEW ORDER

  6. Been so long since things were right

  7. Copenhagen.


  9. Do you ever wonder who your real friends are?

  10. A band not many people know about, RAGE. A first show, last show, type deal. Vic DiCara fronted, Al Pain on drums, Frosty Crunch on guitar, and Andy Alvarez on bass. This was already somewhat up on youtube, but in parts, and without some of the best stage banter I’ve heard. “You’re all gonna die very shortly, and all the little games you play, your little slogans - they’re not gonna amount to shit when your body’s a pile of dust six feet in the mud”.

  11. Amenity’s final show - from my friend Eric’s collection. One of my favorite hardcore bands of all time, and definitely one of California’s most underrated / hidden gems. Everything in this set from the mini riot that breaks out vs. security not even 1 song in, to the SSD cover, is sick

  14. Look at the mountain
    My girl and I used to stand on the mountain
    And the sun shines, she’s dead, and I cry
    But I can see through this death and the sadness
    And so I won’t die now
    Someday I wanna be dignified and old.

  15. and a Turning Point set to follow up.

    TURNING POINT @ BBQ Iguana - Washington D.C. 1989

    10 year old kids diving to Turning Point in this, pretty cool. Also some parking lot loitering near the end.

    Coincidentally uploaded this on the anniversary of Skip’s death. R.I.P.