2. Favorite Morrissey documentary. Great little nuggets throughout all this.

  3. Chungking Express.

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  4. Went to Tijuana over the weekend. First time out of the country. I also ate a whole thing of wasabi thinking it was avocado. That’s some really hot guacamol.


  6. It is an amazing and humbling feeling to finally start getting recognized for your work, free work at that. This year has been really great for me. Very appreciative of the people that have stuck around, and the things that have come my way.

  7. Fury

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  8. Our Discrepancy.

  9. Heritage Day Record Release.

  10. Mindset in a skate shop last night.

  11. When asked to explain the movie’s enduring power, screenwriter Stewart Stern said that the film was “a plea for compassion. That’s why kids love it.” According to Stern, “I think one of the things that [Rebel Without a Cause] talked about was love, a real need for connection. And for the recognition that everything that people condemn in us as some kind of nefarious behavior - experimental behavior, dangerous behavior - is absolutely pure, sweet, innocent reaching out.”

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  13. Lifeguard, save me from life. 
    Save me from the ails and the ills, and from other things.

    'Cause it's the only life I'll ever have,
    I’m always good, I’m never bad
    And I’ve always been so kind,
    To the sick and to the partially blind.


  14. I just don’t feel right when you’re not here.

  15. Beautiful release.