1. If you don’t need me then don’t deceive me.

  2. Survival


  3. I see the world 
    It makes me puke 
    But then I look at you and know 
    That somewhere, there’s a someone who can soothe me.


  4. Words on paper leave nothing, they never say enough. Or say far too much, I say it all wrong. Words, simple words, so vivid and so clear. And how cruel they can be.


  5. scavenged through life’s lulls for almost 21 years without any sort of meds now, and don’t really plan on changing that.

  6. Recently.

    Finally finished sifting through this weekend’s footage. NJT related stuff should start popping up soon, like next week… maybe.


  7. How do you make a cold sore go away when you have a business meeting on thursday and are seeing the girl of your dreams on the weekend.

  8. 13 song Costume demo, out in September on Advanced Directives. Reblog for an awful cause.

    acosta.eric@yahoo.com / marcogonzalezxxx@gmail.com

  9. Savageheads.

  10. Glue.

  11. Tagged #SAVAGEHEADS
  12. and when they’ve used you
    and they’ve broken you
    and wasted all your money
    and cast your shell aside
    and when they’ve bought you
    and they’ve sold you
    and they’ve billed you for the pleasure
    and they’ve made your parents cry
    I will be here. Believe me.


  14. I went down to the sea
    Don’t care if you don’t believe me
    It spoke to me about my life
    It spoke with the voice of reason
    It told me to risk it all
    With the chance of nothing returned.


  15. Feels like I’m falling, but it passes in time
    Into a better day