1. Whatever happens, I love you.

  2. Code Orange.

    VHS/hi8 multi-angle set will be up in the morning.

    Proud of this one.

  3. No one else could heal my pain.


  4. Amazing, underrated guitarist. One of my favorites.

    Blew my mind and made everything make so much sense when I found out he did guitar work on Viva Hate.

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  9. theofficeohword:

    Jim: Did I ever tell you why I left Scranton?

    [incoherent mumbling] 

    Yeah, I didn’t think I had. Well, it was all about Pam.


    Yeah, I mean she was with Roy, and, uh, I just couldn’t take it. I mean, I lost it Dwight. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Even weird stuff, like food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. It was something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, and that includes you.

    4x04, “Money”


  10. "You can let go’, he said, i’ve got you. You won’t fall’. When he said that I became aware of the strong grip of his hands around my ankles. Then I did let go. I turned loose and held my arms out on either side of me. I kept them out there like that for balance. My dad went on walking while I rode on his shoulders. I pretended I was an elephant. I don’t know where we were going."

  14. Only the gentle are ever really strong.

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